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It's a new year!

Happy 2017 everybody! New LJ icon! Eiffel Tower with cherry blossoms because (a) it's pink, (b) it's a great symbol of fusing two cultures, and (c) it's time to veer away from my usual teddy bear icons. I'm a grown-up, I promise.

After bludging for the past couple of weeks and letting my brain go to mush, I returned to work today and felt much more productive. With that good start, I'm having a good feeling for 2017. I want to experience that happiness and freedom again, the feelings that I had in 2015 because it was a new time in my life (switching over from full time hospital work to doing a PhD), and I was doing a lot of new things.

So how do I plan to cultivate this for my 2017?

1. Be more consistent at writing for my thesis - I wrote a bit more for my review today, and it felt good to be putting some work into it. Last year I did a lot of work-work, i.e. meeting patients, collecting data, etc. that I did not have time put aside to just sit down and write.

2. Look good - part of why 2015 was so great was that I got back to exercising, I lost a lot of weight (i.e. went back to my usual weight and then some), and I rejigged my wardrobe. When you look fantastic, you feel fantastic, and then you look even more fantastic, and then you feel extra fantastic, etc. Whilst I've stopped exercise, regained some of that weight, and have no solid plan on taking up running or yoga again, I've reincorporated colours & floral patterns back into my wardrobe - my original love!

3. Enjoy the summer - it's easy to be cheery when the weather is cheery too. That said, I don't fare well in the heat. Summer weather does mean lots more activity around town though. For the past few months I'd only been planning and looking up things for when Frenchie is here (he's coming in February), ignoring activities outside of that. I should do things for me, with my friends!

4. Appreciate beauty - turn on the music at home (I only seem to do so in the car). Savour my chocolates. Go to the arts - can't wait for the Dior exhibition to hit Melbourne later this year! Go to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Catch a gig if anyone good is playing. Remember to wear my perfume.

5. Stop and reevaluate - instead of letting the year zoom past like I did in 2016, I will try to sit down every month? 3 months? and look at whether I'm heading in the right direction of how I want my year to be.

Yeah. I think that would be a good few ways to start looking up again for 2017!
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