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nice things

So in an effort to inject more beauty in my life, this past couple of weekends I have:

1. Visited the Viktor and Rolf exhibition at NGV - it's quite weird, but I suppose that's what V&R's style is. Avant-garde and rather puzzling. Not really sure whether this is fashion or art, or whether it is art at all.

2. Watched La La Land - what a cute, whimsical, beautiful movie! I don't think Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were the best people to play it though. They can't really sing. My brother (who dances for performances and competitions) said their dancing was not bad, "seeing as they're not dancers".

3. Had a potluck reunion for Matthias' and Anna's visit - they are friends who went to Germany about 3 years ago now, and they came back to Australia for a holiday. It was good fun, especially playing with the little Japanese Spitz Watson, and two little kiddies. I brought some Peppa Pig toys, so yeah I was the favourite aunt.

4. Vegetarian dinner with Ashani, Gene and Catherine - we all work in the same specialty field in medicine, and sometimes you end up being good friends! We had a nice long catchup, and my curry ended up being just vegetable curry with no mock meat detectable.

5. Yoga - the heating system was broken, and it was only for 1 hour, so it wasn't quite the Bikram Yoga that I was used to. Melissa suggested I went along and yeah, I'm glad I did, in a way.

6. Visited South Melbourne Market - I love this market, even if it's not the cheapest place to buy groceries. I like it for the great croissants they have at Agathe's, and Frenchie and I always go there when he's in town.

Today I stayed at home, when most people would have returned from holidays and back to work today. I dunno, I couldn't wake up early, and I didn't have any patients scheduled. So I've used today to send some important emails, clean up my wardrobe, plan Frenchie's week here in February, and I'm probably gonna scrub myself up real good and MAYBE go for a walk later.
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